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 Balkan DotA Inhouse League

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Registration date : 01.01.2011

ПисанеЗаглавие: Balkan DotA Inhouse League   Вто Яну 18, 2011 1:46 pm

After chatting for several days, we decided to revive our own league, simply named #BDL (Balkan DotA Inhouse League).

The official channel is #BDL@quakenet.org. If you are playing in Division 1 or 2 of our team league, you might be already vouched.
For all other vouches, you will probably have to write a vouch request on our forum. This inhouse league is only for Balkan players !!!

We have two hostbots located in Balkan DotA League room, sponsored by E-zone Gaming (omeGe). All BDL inhouse games will be played on them.

As for the prizes, we currently have 200 euros to share, but we are 90% sure that we will get more until season ends.

If it stays 200 euro, it will look like this:

#1 100 euro + 1 month gold membership
#2 50 euro + 1 month gold membership
#3 25 euro + 1 month gold membership
#Most games played 25 euro.+ 1 month gold membership

Rules, vouch request and everything other will be revealed tomorrow on our official forum.

Season starts tomorrow, 17.01 and ends on 17.04., which means it will last for 3 months.

If we see its necessary and better, we will get our own ventrilo server.

Tapping for some exciting games here, and hope everyone will have good time in our channel.

Regards, BDL STAFF

EXTRA inFO by n1ce0ne :

BDL is awesome place to play free of lag with your countrymates against other balkan players in ms/hs games , train your tackticks before division matches and get to know your opponents! And + it have good prizes and good admins.
And its made so simple to play there emo
Just create account HERE on the site : http://balkan-league.com/dota
and use the implemented mIRC here : http://balkan-league.com/dota/index.php?l=2&s=26&mod=content&view=irc
*It will automaticly join to the channel #balkan-league with some random name.Ask admins for help there
**admins are with @
Than ask some admin how to reggister and get AUTH
Than post your vouch aplication if needed on the BDL Forum : http://balkan-league.com/forum/

(but 1st try contact the admins for vouch ;] )
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Balkan DotA Inhouse League
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