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 Най Добрите за 2008 (2)

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Най Добрите за 2008 (2)   Нед Яну 04, 2009 3:33 pm

Top 5 Carries

Rank 5: Russian Fede- Rush3D.Light
LightOfHeaven has always been known as a huge farmer since the day he came into competitive gaming. Playing in Rush3D after leaving Say_Please and Virtus.Pro, Light has finally found a team that suits his hardcore farming and leaving his team to 4v5 playstyle. Due to this, Light's worthiness to be ranked as number one was challenged but Light has never failed to impress the world what he can do with a simple carry hero.
Light's Mirana against MYM.

Rank 4: Sweden SK|Loda

Loda, nicknamed God L in China, is ranked 4th in top carry player of 2008 despite SK's poor performance lately. This Lord of the Rings fan has never failed the community in delivering the "OH" factor while carrying SK in the early days of 6.52e.
Loda's Spectre against WG.

Rank 3: Germany Ks.Int^KuroKy
Kuroky started his career as a carry player when he joined Mouz a few months ago. Besides battling against his raging teenage hormones, Kuroky is a player that knows how to keep it cool and farm safely even if the situation turns ugly. His calmness and last hitting ability has brought his new home, Mouz, to a whole new level and arguably the best in .52e.
However, Kuroky has moved to Ks.International together with the rest of his teammates and although the lineup is still unstable, KuroKy will probably resume his role.
KuroKy's Bone Clinkz against dmZ.

Rank 2: Malaysia Ks.Yamateh

Although nominated as one of the best gankers of 2008, Yamateh is again voted to be one of the best carries around. Yamateh's ability to farm has always astonished the community and said to be near godlike. Even though Yamateh's role has recently switched to ganks for his team, his farming skills with the heroes assigned are still un-imaginable.
Yamateh's Tinker against dmZ.

Rank 1: United State- MYM|Fear
Fear is an oldtime favourite player and widely known as a good farmer. Even when it was back in version 5.84, Fear was already popular for his farming ability with his infamous Clinkz rushing a Rapier Aegis build. Coming back into the competitive scene via MYM, Fear is now proving to the world that he still has it in him to incite fear among his opponents.
The legendary Bristleback that destroyed Indonesia's finest, Fanatic.DotA.
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ПисанеЗаглавие: Re: Най Добрите за 2008 (2)   Нед Яну 04, 2009 3:36 pm

Да, пусни го още 5 пъти. Edit > all :lol:
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Най Добрите за 2008 (2)
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