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 Най Добрите за 2008 (4)

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ПисанеЗаглавие: Най Добрите за 2008 (4)   Нед Яну 04, 2009 3:40 pm

Top 5 Leaders

Rank 5: Malaysia Ks.Papaxiong
Although often hidden in the shadows of Yamateh, it was soon obvious that Papaxiong has a very big impact on Kingsurf's successes at ESWC, some Asian tournaments and recently Farm4Fame #3 by being the main brain of the team and support player for huge carry like Yamateh. Kingsurf is famous for its unorthodox strategies and drafts are just a part of Papaxiong's plans. With the new addition of players from Zenith, Papaxiong's role did not change as a leader and a support player. Ks narrow win against x6

Rank 4: Indonesia Fnatic.Ritter

Leader of Indonesian powerhouse Fnatic (XcN before that) has no doubt had a succesful tenure with the team this year, as the team got signed by Fnatic organization as well as it won the MGC among other tournaments, most of it thanks to Ritter's leadership and performance.
Ritter leading Fnatic to win MGC 2008, 2nd final game

Rank 3: Sweden SK.Loda
Ranked as our 3rd best leader of 2008 is our mighty "GOD L" from SK Gaming. As planted in the depths of our heart, SK's dominance during mid-year is due to quick adaptation to the new 6.52e version and guess who is the main brain behind that?
Maelk's quote, "take Loda down and SK goes down" is proven to be very true indeed judging from Loda's performance this year.
Loda leading SK to victory against MYM

Rank 2: Sweden DrayichDrayich

A few months ago, Drayich announced his inactivity due to some personal issues that he had to attend to. Drayich first became the leader of Mousesports after he left SK Gaming. During his era as the leader of the mice, Mouz stood high among the others to be the team to beat, winning multiple tournaments and being arguably the world's best in 6.52e.
Referred to as "papa Drayich" from his fellow teammates in Mousesports as well as numerous fans, the departure of their leader is very noticable. Soon enough, Mouz has decided to drop its DotA team. Although his teammates, KuroKy, Miracle, Twistd, and LevenT did not stop playing, they are eagerly anticipating Drayich to return.
Nice strategy against srs

Rank 1: Denmark MYM|Maelk
Nobody with a sane mind would have not thought Maelk to be the top leader of 2008. This long time leader of MYM worked hard all these years to keep the team running. MYM managed to display some spectacular performance throughout 2008 winning numerous tournaments such as ENADC and Dreamhack Winter with a stand-in.
Maelk leading MYM in final game of DreamHack Winter 2008.
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Най Добрите за 2008 (4)
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